Artificial intelligence – Will Machines Take Over?

Are we heading for another cultural shift where unemployment is caused due to the advances in artificial intelligence and automation? According to a Mckinsey report, 50% of the time spent on work activities in the global economy could theoretically be automated by adapting currently demonstrated technologies. Even now, AI is making its presence obscure yet

How Machine Learning (ML) is Transforming our Lives

Can machines conquer over human intellectual capabilities? We cannot deny the fact that the spectrum of human imagination is limitless: unlike machines, we are not programmed to follow a specific algorithm to complete one particular task. Our neural network comprehends millions of possibilities based on a number of factors. Yet, with Machine Learning and AI,

How Blockchain will Impact the Future

What is the fuss around Blockchain? Conceived on the notion of building a highly secure gateway to store, track, update, and access data.  Blockchain was first implemented to create the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin. A revolutionary concept that is set to change the way we transact our financials. Blockchain contains a chain of digital blocks